Elvis Knight is here to get you noticed in a crowded world

Finding the voice and attitude to make your business famous

Harmonising PR stories with social content

Racking up hits in the press and on social media

It’s now or never

Some things we can help with

  • Develop a tightly focussed communications strategy
  • Get all your social channels firing better and consistently
  • Devise a PR and content calendar to support your business plan
  • Come up with ideas for videos, images and happenings
  • Create good stories for newspapers and magazines

Elvis Knight’s rules of engagement

Sing out bravely

We all know people who post and share stuff on Facebook and Instagram that gets tons of likes, comments and shares because they’re unafraid to project their personality and interests without being annoying or needy. They are natural PR people and content marketers. Businesses just need to do what they do. Easy!

Keep it tight

To squeeze the most juice from what you spend on getting noticed you need a simple strategy that exactly suits your brand and business plan from which inexpensive ideas for PR and content will flow quite naturally. This is the path to maximum fame at minimum cost and is why Elvis Knight doesn’t charge much, considering.

Be entertaining

Not everything has to be done for laughs. But creativity is just as at home in the business world as it is in the rest of life. People read and share what tickles them. Brands and businesses who succeed at PR with Content always home in on subjects they can ‘own’ with authority and credibility, and have the confidence to express themselves creatively in their chosen space. Funny, that.

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